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Sometimes I can work for free. But don't get too excited: its only personal stuff or pro-bono work.

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Hi, I'm Daniel Wu, a brazilian illustrator based in Porto who loves chocolate and cartoons. To make me stop drawing on the walls, my parents gave to me a lot of picture books. That's why I'm fascinated by illustration and their power to tell stories. After lot of time (and dedication), I became a screenwriter and illustrator and nowadays I mix both of them in cartoon-like illustrations full of storytelling, expression, pop and classic references – with a dash of humor. I work for for books, magazines, advertising, sites, games, animations, classes or whatever sounds fun to me. I've already worked for clients like Faber-Castell, Pepsico, Storytime Magazine, Pearson Education and almost all brazilians publishers. You can also find my artwork at digital and physical art galleries all around. PS.: If you're wondering around the children's department at the bookstore, you can also find me there, sitting on the floor. ;) dnepwu@gmail.com follow me on the social media! The links are there -->

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