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Yes! I have my own course on! :D

The task is to create a short illustrated book with your own version of a fable.
During the classes, I talk about character design, composition, and coloring but, mostly, how to use illustration to communicate and express yourself. 

This invite was such an honor!
I had a great time with the production process and I'm so happy with the result and feedback. 

Thank you so much, Domestika Team <3


"Big Biographies for Kids"
is one of the periodic
book collections 
published by
Folha de São Paulo.

Folha is one of the largest
Brazilian journalism group.

I made the script, storyboard
and illustrations

The producer was
Farol Criação e Produção. 


"Kids against Zika" is part
of a serie of videos for the
Federal Government's
vaccination campaign 2016

I made the script, storyboard
and illustrations

The music is by Zeca Baleiro,
a famous brazilian
The animation was made by
Daemon Filmes 

This is one of the video classes series that Faber-Castell invited me
to develop with them.

I actually have a good relationship with Faber-Castell Brazil.
I also participated in other videos, campaigns, social events
and projects of them.

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